Paul was born in Cheshire, England in 1947. As a student Paul attended a museum based art school in Chester, where he was taught traditional methods of painting and drawing. At Manchester College of Art And Design, he soon rejected realism in favour of abstract expressionism.

As a young artist coming from the north of England, he found the island of Jersey with it's light and colour immediately inspiring: from the outset it was this imagery which formed the basis of his work. He fell in love with the Channel Islands and decided to stay. Then in 1974 he had his first solo exhibition at The Jersey Museum, Barreau Art Gallery. Paul now lives near Gorey Village and has his studio in an old coach house, where he continues to explore his passion for painting.

In the mid 80's his work changed to dark, somber images due a personal loss. This provided him with a range of experiences. He was particularly drawn to making paintings containing three elements, line, colour and texture, these elements vary in strength depending on his subject matter. He tends to produce a series of images, based on a current theme and explores their creative possibilities. His work more often than not, reflects what is going on in his life at the time. He always follows his instinct and is never afraid of it.

"The important thing is not to think that you know better than your own emotions. The most wonderful thing about art is the element of surprise for me. The image is important, not the medium, the medium just helps the image. Truth and honesty comes from inside yourself, without this there is only lies". He feels his painting encapsulate and allows his hidden spirit to surface in his work.

In his work up to as many as thirty layer's of paint are used, thus making the painting under go many changes. His recent paintings use contrasting colours, glazes and a wide varitey of mark making which are uniquely his. You can see in his work that he concentrates on the surface of the paint to get the desired effect. He believes in his art being a kind of journey.

1962-65 Chester School of Art.
1965-68 Manchester College of Art & Design.

Solo Exhibitions:
1974 'Profile' Barreau Art Gallery,Jersey Museum.
1976 'Morocco Journey' Studio 18, St Helier.
1978 'Admission of Light' Studio 18, St Helier.
1979 'Maze' Barreau Art Gallery, Jersey Museum.
1979 'State of Space' Bern, Switzerland.
1980 'Maze in Space' York University Gallery.
1980 'Points of View' Bern, Switzerland.
1981 'View of Space' presented to Duchess of Kent.
1985 'Journeys' Sir Franics Cook Gallery, Auges.
1986 'Journeys II' Studio 18, St Helier, Jersey.
1988 'Beyond Regions' States Dept Gallery, USA.
1988 'View of Mallorca' Studio 18, St Helier.
1989 'Points & Space' Calvert Gallery,Washington.
1990 'Le Grand Meaulues' Studio 18, St Helier.
1991 'Shape of Venice' Bruton St Gallery,London.
1992 'Vision of Venice' Studio 18, St Helier.
1994 'Exploring Cote d' Azur' Napier Gallery.
1994 'Time to Explore' Amis Grand Vigne,France
1997 'My Favourite things' Napier Gallery.
2000 'Blue as a colour' Studio 18, St Helier.
2001 'New Work' La Studio Gallery, Gorey.
2005 'Art in small places' Jersey Arts Trust.
2005 'Reflections' La Studio Gallery, Gorey
2006 'Consort in Space' Falles Fine Art Gallery.
2006 'Consort in Space II' La Studio Gallery.
2006 'Diptych' La Studio Gallery, Gorey.
2007 'Personal Choice' La Studio Gallery, Gorey.
2007 'Sun, Sea & still life' La Studio Gallery.
2007 'Mixed Spirit' La Studio Gallery, Gorey.
2008 'Wet land - dry sea' Jersey Museum.
2009 'Space & time' La Studio Gallery, Jersey.
2010 'Vertical light-horizontal darkness' Falles Fine.
2011 'emotional form' Jersey Museum

1967 J Hamilton & Seaton, Travel Greece.
1971 British Bedding Federation Travel Venice.
1980 Schweizerishche Kreditanstalt Travel award.
1986 First Prize, Arts Exhibition Guild award.

Artist in Residence:
1994 Les Amis de la Grand Vigne, Dinan, France.

La Grand Vigne, Ville Dinan.
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